Second psychiatry clinic


The clinic has three care regimes - a 10-bed security section, a free-ward unit (25 beds), a day-care facility (15 places).

The main activity of the clinic is to diagnose and treat psychoses in active and underlying phases, affective disorders - depression and mania, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, stress-related disorders, organic mental disorders of patients over 18 years of age.

The team has experience in diagnostically difficult and therapeutically resistant cases, as well as in comorbidity with body and neurological diseases, except for dependence on psychoactive substances and alcohol, as well as eating disorders.

Performs consulting activity in hospital and contractual relations with other medical institutions.

The Day Station allows for psychosocial rehabilitation and thus provides the opportunity to care for and support the patients from the active stage of illness to the stage of support for adaptation in outpatient settings.

The presence of a psychologist with a specialty in Clinical Psychology provides a comprehensive approach to the disease - not only at the level of medical care and medication therapy, but also psychological support to the specific needs of each patient.

There are some other highly specialized activities - electroconvulsive therapy, assessment of cognitive functions, personality and intellect, psychological counseling and therapy, labor expertise.

The clinic is a base for carrying out research activities in various areas of psychiatry, training of medical students, specialized physicians for the acquisition of specialty and general practitioners.


Daytime stationary

Dr. Rossitza Kirilova Iakimova-Tzenova +359 2 9702 263
Dr. Miryana Pelova +359 2 9702 261
Dr. Violeta Nedyalkova +359 2 9702 261
Dr. Ivanka Angelova Krastnikova +359 2 9702 264
Dr. Iliana Dimitrova Pristavova +359 2 9702 262
Boris Georgiev Toshkov, MD

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